Paull W. Saffold JR. and Jean Compton Saffold

                        Married February 24, 1941


 July 11, 1919 - March 13, 2007                                                           March 23, 1925 - April 18, 2004

 Father, Paull Whiting Saffold, SR.                                                         Father, William R Compton           

 Mother, Oneita Greene Henderson                                                        Mother, Alma Buck


Born in Montgomery, Alabama he married Alma Jean Compton from Thomaston, Alabama.  At the time they met dad was working as an engineer for the Alabama Highway Department in the area of Thomaston.  He joined the Alabama National Guard in August 1936 as an enlisted soldier and was discharged in August 1939.  One month after the attack on Pearl Harbor he re-enlisted in the Army and was accepted as an aviation cadet in November 1942.  After finishing flight school, he was transferred to England where he flew ninety-six combat missions in a P-47 from Duxford England in the 8th Air Force, 78th Fighter Group.  During that time he took part in the first daylight bombing of Berlin and numerous other bomber escort and low level strafing missions.  To his disappointment, he was sent home for R&R just prior to the D-Day invasion. He spent a total of twenty-six years on active duty, retiring in May 1964 as a colonel in the United States Air Force.  Prior to having children mom worked for a while as a secretary having obtained a position that both she and her former English teacher had applied for although she had not finished high school.  She spent her time raising two sons after they were born until we moved out.



New Lieutenant                                                                                  Being from Alabama, Rebel became the name of    

                                                                                                          his P-47. Tail number WZ-Q.


Military Career            

When I was learning to fly, I had a flat tire on the nose wheel of my airplane.  Being Sunday, no one was there to fix it so I had to get mom and dad to pick me up at the Council Bluffs airport.  While waiting for them, several people were getting ready to sky dive.  They tried to get me to go with them but I told them that I should wait for my parents.  On the way home I told dad about the invitation.  He gave me one piece of advise that I will never forget.  "Son, there is no reason to practice something that you only have to do once."  See  Jump in Brazil.

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